If your business hires any employee or has plan to hire an employee in next 90 days, a WCB registration is REQUIRED. Some provinces may call it in a different name (such as WSIB in Ontario, WSB in BC, WCB in Alberta, CNESST in Quebec etc.). Please note, we are not the WCB authority, rather our accountants prepare all forms and dratfs correctly and submit to WCB authority for an account (we will also send you a confirmation/refernce number in case you need to contact WCB directly). We do not charge any premium nor we know about the premium, rather the WCB authority will contact you to clarify on the coverage which are free of cost and which require a premium.

Ontario WSIB ($199)

Quebec CNESST ($299))

Saskatchewan WCB ($299)

Prince Edward Island WCB ($299)

Alberta WCB ($199)

New Brunswick WCB ($299)

Nova Scotia WCB ($299)

Yukon WCB ($299)

BC WSB ($199)

Manitoba WCB ($299)

Newfoundland WCB ($299)

NWT WCB ($299)