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NuansPro is neither a law firm nor offers legal advice. It’s not equipped to serve as your attorney either. You concur to seek the necessary independent advice from qualified legal experts for your business needs. NuansPro provides specific services limited to compliance and submitting government forms for businesses. NuansPro doesn’t guarantee an uninterrupted or error-free access to their website, nor can it assure correction of any defects, free of virus/hostile elements. General information on the website is not comprehensive or a replacement for appropriate legal and accounting advice. In case you are in need of such services or guarantees, you are advised to consult professional firms that are licensed to dispense such counsel. NuansPro doesn’t claim responsibility for the currency, accuracy, or trustworthiness of the site’s content. NuansPro will not be accountable for damages resulting from any difficulties using the site including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, compensatory or consequential damages, lost gains or damage to property. If you have any concerns with the site, its contents, or its terms, you are invited to share your feedback at info@nuans-report.ca. Nonetheless, your only legal option, in case of dissatisfaction, is to discontinue use of the site.

Indemnification and Claims

You consent to protect, cover, and keep NuansPro from any incriminated charges, damages, expenses or costs. This encompasses all legal fees that result from your utilization of the site or any breach of their Terms and Conditions.

Service and Price Information

The service exhibited on the site is exclusively deliverable in Canada and all stated prices are only applicable in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Links to Other Sites

Therefore, the company bears no responsibility for any external websites, services, or other materials linked to or from the Site. The company also denies all liability for any harm you might encounter by utilizing such materials.


Except when otherwise stated, NuansPro employs this Site and its Contents solely for the purpose of promoting its services in Canada. NuansPro manages and runs the Site from its offices located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. These conditions are interpreted according to Canadian Law and disregard any conflict of laws. Any dispute emerging from or related to these terms, the content, and utilization of the site, or products or services purchased using this site will be exclusively resolved by Alberta’s provincial courts in Canada. Your interaction with the Site implies your consent to the authority and venue of these courts in the event of any conflict. These terms represent the whole contract between you and NuansPro concerning the site or its contents. Any prior agreements between you and NuansPro are superseded and hold no authority or impact.

Identity Verification and Authorization for Payment

NuansPro adheres to the conventional guidelines for validating a person’s identity and securing permission for payment authorisation. They are unable to process business registrations when the payee is not identified as a Director, Incorporator, owner, or partner in the business. Business registration may proceed once the payer’s identity is confirmed and they have consented to the payment being authorised. For payments completed via E-transfer, this verification process may be omitted.

Cut-off Time

NuansPro provides services nationwide, conforming to the local operating hours of respective provincial governments. The daily deadline is 3:00 PM local time. For instance, orders placed in Ontario should be made before the cut-off of 3:00 PM EST; orders received after this deadline are treated as next day orders. The same policy applies to Alberta, with a cut-off of 3:00 PM MST for same-day orders. A similar protocol is in place for all other provinces.

Refund and Return Policy

Ensuring our clients are satisfied and have a positive experience is highly valuable to us. We aim to guarantee this through the products and services we provide. Keep in mind that service fees and relevant governmental fees are not refundable. Once the order is received, our experts get to work immediately; hence, we cannot offer refunds after the operation has begun. Since our offering is service-based and doesn’t include physical goods, we cannot provide refunds in the same way. If an order was made by mistake, please reach out to us instantly (within 30 minutes of the order placement) or via email if we are not accessible. Please feel free to reach out to us with the latest updates on your order if you face any delays or dissatisfaction. After careful examination on a case-by-case basis, refunds or returns could be possible for additional services purchased, which are still to be completed with client agreement to a Refund Release Agreement. In this case, have your payment receipts, order information, or any equivalent proof of purchase ready. We would be more than delighted to rectify any mistakes and reimburse you if you were billed erroneously. If you are unsure about any billing issues, please get in touch with us as soon as you can..

The cost is determined by your complete incorporation package, and no partial refund is permissible if the business is already registered. Regarding a business name, it’s solely the client’s duty to offer a name compliant with government regulations. The client will need to provide an alternate name and wait for government processing time if a name is rejected, or move forward with a numbered company. Under such circumstances, NuansPro provides no refunds. For CRA Accounts and WCB/WSIB/WSB, it’s entirely the client’s responsibility to submit accurate information promptly. Failure to do so can cause the service to be delayed or unfinished, and NuansPro does not provide refunds in such situations. Any refund scenario will only be considered if NuansPro is unable to register the business or complete the services after all essential information has been delivered promptly.


Should NuansPro suspect that you have not adhered to the Terms and Conditions outlined on this site, or for any other unspecified reason, NuansPro can revoke your access to the site immediately and without prior notification. The limitations, including those pertaining to the Content, disclaimers, and restrictions on liability stipulated in these Terms will remain in effect. If your access is denied, you are required to erase all Content procured or downloaded from this site.

Privacy Policy

NuansPro highly values your privacy. This Privacy Policy showcases our dedication to safeguarding it via compliance with sound electronic information practices. This Policy seeks to empower you, the user, with control over your personal data. You have our assurance that we won’t handle your data in any way that contradicts this Policy. This Policy covers several aspects such as, the broad reasons for which we collect personal information; the kind of entities we share this information with; the way individuals can restrict its use and disclosure; the manner in which specific personal data you provide is used (especially when such use is unrelated to the reasons you originally shared it). Also, how a third party might use specific personal data you provide (especially when such use is unrelated to the reasons you initially shared it). Furthermore, NuansPro stores customer information on systems that are designed to inhibit loss, misuse, unauthorized access, revelation and alteration or destruction of said data. As a protective measure, we also encrypt transmission of sensitive data to us, such as credit card numbers and account passwords. Our commitment to bolstered privacy safeguards also means that all transactions within our account manager and purchase flows leverage Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption when relay data from your connection to our systems. You can confirm the authenticity of any of our SSL certificates by clicking on the padlock icon within your web browser.

Our Accountability

When you opt for our services, you not only secure the protections of but also agree to the data processing methods detailed in the Terms and Conditions. As you decide to utilize our services, you confirm that you have notified any third-party individuals whose private information you give to us, and have obtained their consent. This applies to several points: (i) the rationale behind the acquisition of such personal data from the third party. (ii) potential recipients or recipient categories for that third party’s personal data. (iii) determining which data is mandatory and which is optional from the third party. And (iv) the means through which the third party can access or, if required, make corrections to the information held about them. Besides the privacy protections we offer, our employees, representatives, and business collaborators bear individual liability for ensuring adherence to this Privacy Policy, as further delineated below.